Every modern home outfitted with green solutions will likely sport a photovoltaic (PV) system. Among the essential components of this setup is the solar inverter which transforms sunlight harnessed by the solar panels into usable electricity. A popular choice among homeowners and solar installers in Houston and beyond is the SolarEdge solar inverter. Renowned for its high efficiency and safety features, this device is not immune to hitches and glitches that could spring up over time.

While you can always rely on Houston solar repair experts for your needs, understanding and potentially rectifying some common issues could save you frustration and resources. In this guide, we’ll dissect some common error codes you might encounter when using your SolarEdge solar inverter, what they mean, and potential troubleshooting steps.

Quick Summary

SolarEdge inverters, though reliable, can display various error codes indicating specific malfunctions. Understanding these codes and basic troubleshooting measures will guide immediate action for increased solar system efficiency.

SolarEdge Inverter Error Codes: Breaking Down the Basics

SolarEdge inverters are designed with a display system that provides real-time feedback about the functioning of your solar power system. It reports various aspects such as system performance, any faults or errors within your system, and even recommended steps to rectify such issues.

However, these messages do not always readily disclose what’s happening, especially when complex error codes are displayed. To be precise, error codes may vary from “E001 Over Temp” that signifies overheating to “E031 No AC Riso” which reflects resistance issues, among others.

Most Common Error Codes and What They Mean

Here are some of the most common error codes that could pop up on a SolarEdge inverter:

  • E001 Over Temp: The inverter is overheating, often due to inadequate ventilation.
  • E003 Low Insulation: The inverter is detecting a leak in the system.
  • E004 Switch Failure: An internal malfunction within the inverter has been recognized.
  • E007 Lost Phase: A problem with your AC supply has been noticed by the inverter.
  • E031 No AC Riso: The inverter is having issues with resistance within the system.

Though these are not exhaustive, interpreting these signals can lead to quick responses in terms of troubleshooting or calling professionals for specialized solar inverter repairs.

Troubleshooting Common SolarEdge Inverter Issues

While you may not be able to fully fix the problems indicated by these error codes, there are basic troubleshooting steps you can take. Here they are:

  • E001 Over Temp: Prioritize initiating a cooling process by enhancing ventilation around the inverter. If that doesn’t change anything, turn off the system and contact a professional for solar panel repairs in Houston.
  • E003 Low Insulation: This might call for solar panel servicing as panels could be grounded or damp. If the challenge persists, consider professional solar panel replacements.
  • E004 Switch Failure and E007 Lost Phase: These necessitate immediate attention from a professional. Turn off your system and reach out for expert assistance.
  • E031 No AC Riso: While this might signify internal issues, sometimes, the system could display this message in high humidity or rain. Normal operation should resume when conditions change. If there are no weather-related triggers, call your SolarEdge service provider.

While these troubleshooting tips can help ward off panic when your system flags any issues, it is crucial to note that any prolonged malfunctions necessitate consultations with experts in solar panel servicing to ensure your system continues to perform optimally.

Calling in the Experts

A basic understanding of error codes and rudimentary troubleshooting steps can only go so far. After all, solar inverters are robust pieces of technology that require professional expertise and tools to diagnose, fix, or maintain. For instance, when undertaking solar inverter not working situations, experts consider everything from checking whether there’s voltage at the terminals to witnessing if any of the system’s safety protections have been triggered.

Professional SolarEdge service providers have specific tools and training to address any issues accurately, safely, and swiftly. Additionally, they can provide routine solar panel maintenance in Houston to prevent frequent system issues and ensure peak performance.


Understanding common SolarEdge solar inverter error codes and basic troubleshooting steps puts you in a position of knowledge and control. Even though some problems can be resolved independently, professionally carried out solar inverter repairs ensure safety, accuracy and prolong the lifespan of your solar system.

As a trusted solar repair specialist, our team of experts is committed to helping you get your solar power system up and running optimally in no time. Get in touch today for top-quality inverter repair.


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