One of the main reasons solar panels get installed is to lower electricity costs. So, when your bill exceeds your expectations, your heart may skip a beat. You’re thinking, “I have all these solar panels, how can my bill still be so high?” As Houston solar repair experts, we are here to help you unravel this puzzle. Understanding why your electricity bill is high with solar panels can be puzzling, but with the right awareness and understanding, you can work your way through this issue.

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to reduce or even eliminate your energy bill. However, you may find your energy bill is higher than you anticipate despite your solar installation. Looking at your electricity bill after going solar and finding it higher than expected can make you question your investment. This blog aims to illuminate the common issues that cause a high bill even with installed solar panels.

Quick Summary

High electricity bills with solar panels can be attributed to several factors including poor installation, incorrect system size, using more electricity than anticipated, and inefficient energy habits.

High Consumption and Your Energy Habits

The first and most common reason your energy bill may still be high after installing solar panels is that your household consumption is exceeding what your solar panels produce. The solar panels reduce your bills by generating electricity during the day. However, if you consume more energy than the panels produce, you will end up drawing electricity from the grid, thereby incurring costs.

In the modern world where most of us are working from home, school-aged children are taking online classes, and we watch more and more streaming services, energy consumption has skyrocketed. It’s not only about how many gadgets we have, but also when and how we use them that directly impact our solar energy consumption.

Incorrect Solar System Size

If your solar system size doesn’t match your electricity consumption, expect your electricity bill to be high. Ensuring your solar system size matches your electricity consumption is crucial for the efficiency of your system. If your panels aren’t big enough or if you don’t have enough of them, they won’t generate enough electricity to keep up with your needs.

Consulting with a specialist in solar panel repairs or considering solar panel replacement can help correct the issue. Always ensure the solar PV system you install has a capacity that matches your electricity load.

Poor Quality or Damage

Your solar panels and inverter need to be in good condition. Solar panels that are not generating optimal energy might be inefficient due to being damaged or of poor quality. Similarly, issues of solar inverter troubleshooting are often ignored. A malfunctioning inverter can’t convert the generated solar DC power into AC power, thus increasing your energy bill.

Solar panels must be kept clean to work at their best. Dirt, debris, and bird droppings can reduce the ability of your panels to generate electricity. Therefore, solar panel cleaning services are important to keep your solar system working at peak efficiency.

Faulty Metering

One often overlooked factor is the energy meter. If the energy meter is faulty or not functioning properly, it can result in incorrect readings leading to high electricity bills. If you’ve tried other solutions but your bill is consistently higher than expected, consider having your meter checked.

You can also try to read the meter yourself. When the solar system is working correctly and the appliances in your home are off, the meter should show that you are sending power back to the grid. Do remember, understanding the functioning of energy meters requires technical expertise and it is always advisable to contact a professional to address these issues.

Lack of Regular Maintenance and Servicing

Like any other system, your solar panels also need regular maintenance to operate at their best. Regular solar panel servicing can help spot any potential issues and resolve them before they become major problems causing high electricity bills.

Among common maintenance issues are blocked panels due to debris, inverter display blank or error message, and some panels appearing different in color. Regular checks and maintenance carried out by professionals can help ensure your solar system remains efficient and reliable.

In conclusion, there are several factors that contribute to a high electricity bill even with solar panels. It is crucial to monitor high consumption, make sure your system size matches your electricity consumption, keep up the maintenance, and ensure the quality and condition of your panels and inverter.

If you’re worried about your high electricity bill even after solar panel installation, get in touch with us. As Houston’s leading solar repair specialists, we provide a specialized and comprehensive approach to address your solar system issues. Our team assists you in identifying the problems that are pushing up your electricity bill and offers proven, effective solutions to get your solar system back working efficiently, helping you save on your energy bills.


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